OrgViz configuration

OrgViz configuration file is just a Python file. Only the variables in upper case will be loaded.

orgviz.default_config.ORG_USE_CACHE = True

Use in-memory cache for org-mode files to improve response speed.

orgviz.default_config.ORG_COMMON_FILES = []

Common org-mode files.

These files will be included in any view.

orgviz.default_config.ORG_CAL_FILES = []

Org-mode files to include calendar view.

orgviz.default_config.ORG_CAL_FILTERS = []

List of (name, function)-pairs to specify events to show in calendar.

The first element of the tuple must be human readable name of filter and the second element must be a callable object (function). Each function must take one orgviz.event.Event object and return a bool.

The order of the filters is reflected to the order in the web interface. That’s why this option is specified as a list (association list), instead of a dict.

orgviz.default_config.ORG_CAL_PERSPECTIVES = [('month', {'event': ['deadline', 'scheduled'], 'view': 'month'}), ('month all', {'event': ['deadline', 'scheduled', 'closed', 'clock', 'none'], 'view': 'month'})]

Calendar perspectives definitions.

To quickly switch events to include, calendar view and filters, you can define perspectives. Perspective is defined in the following format:

     'event': ['deadline', 'scheduled', ...],  # closed/clock/none/...
     'view': 'month',  # or agendaWeek/basicWeek/agendaDay/basicDay
     'filter': ['FILTER 1', 'FILTER 2', ...],

See also: FullCalendar Documentation - Available Views

orgviz.default_config.ORG_CAL_EVENT_CLASSIFIER = None

A function to define extra eventclass.

The following example defines ‘home’ event, depending on node tag:

    if '@home' in event.tags:
        return 'home'
orgviz.default_config.ORG_CAL_ADD_EVENTCLASSES = []

Extra eventclasses to consider.

Add eventclasses here if you defined ORG_CAL_EVENT_CLASSIFIER.


orgviz.default_config.ORG_CAL_ADD_EVENTSOURCES = []

Extra event sources for FullCalendar.

This is useful for adding events from another servers, such as holidays. For example, to add Japanese holidays you can set it to:

[{'url': (
  'color': '#AB8B00',
  'textColor': '#AB8B00',
  'backgroundColor': 'white',
orgviz.default_config.ORG_DONES_FILES = []

Org-mode files to include in done list view.

orgviz.default_config.ORG_GRAPHS_FILES = []

Org-mode files to include in graph view.

orgviz.default_config.ORG_TIMELINE_FILES = []

Org-mode files to include in timeline view.