OrgViz - Browser based app to view org-mode files from different directions


Work in progress.

In OrgViz, you can...

  • View org-mode files in different formats: calendar / table / histogram
  • Use rich formatting of web browsers but everything is reachable from keyboard.
  • Write complex filter settings in Python.


Installing OrgViz is as easy as:

pip install orgviz  # or
easy_install orgviz

If you want to draw graphs, install matplotlib.


Use the following command to start OrgViz server and the open in your browser:

orgviz serve --port 8000 --conf YOUR/CONF/

If you want to reload server automatically when you rewrite the configuration file, currently you need to add --debug option:

orgviz serve --debug [OTHER OPTIONS]

To quickly checkout what OrgViz can do, simply do:

orgviz sample

This will make a configuration file and a randomly generated org file in ./sample/ directory and start OrgViz server with them. You can edit the generated org file and see what happens to the pages in OrgViz.


Here is a minimal configuration.:

    # and more...

For more options available, see orgviz/


To run from source, use the following commands. You need coffee, wget, unzip, make and git commands. Also, all the dependencies (see below) must be importable.:

git clone git://
cd orgviz
make build
python -m orgviz.cli serve [OPTIONS]

To run automated testing, run the following command. You need the tox command line tool:

make test


Optional dependencies:

Dependencies for build and test include:


OrgViz is licensed under the terms of the MIT license (see COPYING).

OrgViz bundles libraries with the following licenses.